Natural entities who will apply for Qualified Electronic Certificate should use e-sign CYPRUS End User Contract under Individual Contracts title; on the other hand, corporate entities and all institutes providing public services should use e-sign CYPRUS Corporate Application Contract under Corporate Contracts title when applying for Qualified Electronic Certificate.

Online Selling Contract is valid for individuals or corporate applications to Qualified Electronic Certificate outside TRNC.

e-sign CYPRUS Registration Authority Contract under Registration Authority title is signed only between legal entities who take Qualified Electronic Certificate applications and related documents in the name of e-sign CYPRUS and deliver them to e-sign CYPRUS, deliver Secured Electronic Signature bundle to certificate owner, authorized by e-sign CYPRUS.



Reference Number Contract Name Download
Sözleşme Kategorisi 1 (EN)
B1 E-imza KIBRIS Son Kullanıcı Sözleşmesi (EN) v03
K1 E-imza KIBRIS Kurumsal Başvuru Sözleşmesi (EN) v03
KM1 E-imza KIBRIS Kayıt Makamı Sözleşmesi (EN) v03
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