ID Verification and Installation At Your Address

Before using Secured Electronic Signature, Qualified Electronic Certificate owners need to make face to face ID verification in accordance with the law no. 93/2007 Electronic Signature Law. This ID verification does not necessitates the applicant to go somewhere. With an appointment, in a time and place that applicant is free to choose, the devices and software are set up; so that user can start to use his/her Secured Electronic Signature. Providing top level customer satisfaction, this service is quite important for customers in terms of time and application.

This service is optional. If user does not prefer "ID Verification and Installation at the Address";

  • User can verify his/her identification by going e-sign CYPRUS office.
  • Using "Corporate Application Model" (recommended for multiusers / institutions), user can perform this his/her own.

For detailed information about ID verification and installation in your address, you can contact e-sign CYPRUS through our web site (, through e-mail (, through our Call Center+90 392 2280960.

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