Electronic signature related topics are relatively new for our country’s legislation and it has brought important expansions in terms of technical process and legal aspects. If you seek consultancy to find out where and how electronic signature can be used, into which applications it can be integrated, how useful it can be for your institution’s substantial situation and optimization, e-sign CYPRUS Project Office is the right address. e-sign CYPRUS Project Office takes you one step forward in e-Trade, e-Office and e-Business applications with consultancy service it supplies.

e-sign CYPRUS Project Office provides consultancy about the following topics:    

  • e-sign integrations,
  • e-signed banking processes,
  • e-signed human resources processes,
  • e-signed distributor communication and order processes,
  • Information security.

For detailed information about our consultancy services, you can contact e-sign CYPRUS through our web site (, through e-mail (, through our Call Center (+90 392 2255260) .


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